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I'm thinking about selling my World of Warcraft account to help pay for a trip to Japan. I know that most of the people who still read this journal don't play WoW, and never have, but just replace it with some activity hobby that you've enjoyed having for 5 years and it might give you an idea of why it's not an easy choice for me. Except it's not just a fun way to pass the time, I've had a lot of great times and experiences and I've met people that I consider to be actual friends, and I actually feel like just playing the game and being in the guild I'm in has helped me become a (slightly) more outgoing person. When I first started, I would never speak on the microphone. I've gotten to the point where I could lead entire 25-40 person raids by myself, having no problem telling 60 year old ex-marines what to do, and calling people out when they fucked something up. Granted it's just my voice so it's more anonymous than doing any of that in person, but that's still not a typical type of thing for me to do.

But, I don't play WoW very much lately. When I do it's pretty half hearted and I think of it more as a chat room to talk to my friends. But I've got ventrilo and forums and another account I have the option of taking over for that. I threw up a quick post on Craigslist to see what kind of interest I could get for the account, not expecting to get many replies or to reply to any of them .. but so far the low bid is $600. There have been a few others but I'm not sure they're legit or not. So $600 is almost 4 years of what I paid in subscription fees back, or in terms that matter a lot more to me .. it's half of a plane ticket to Japan for a week.

I've never been off the continent. I've been to Canada, but while Toronto is a cool city, it's not very different from any other large city in the US so I don't really even count that as being in another country. I've wanted to take a trip like this with my friends for years now, and they're finally in a place where they can do it, and I'm struggling to catch up. I mostly want to go for the fun of it, to be somewhere different and to be completely confused and overwhelmed and scared, but in good ways. But I'm also an architecture student and I think I could learn a ridiculous amount just from being somewhere so different. We'd be staying in Tokyo for a few nights, then taking trains to other places though we haven't decided on where all yet, but not big cities like Tokyo for the rest of the trip.

That's the enormous up-side. The down-side, obviously, would be selling my account with Truthiness and Aristocrat and my dumbass druid and a few 60-70 alliance characters and lots and lots of gear, and money, and memories. Like I said I've got another account with a horde and alliance 60, including a hunter on Dark Iron that used to be in the guild I'm in now, so I wouldn't really be going anywhere, but it's still a heart breaking thought. I've had a character in the guild since I believe day 3 of it's existence, and selling them off will be tough.

I haven't made up my mind about anything yet .. not about selling the account, or going on the trip even if I do sell it. But, fuck, I want to. I think it might be good for me for school, not only just the experience of the trip, but even with as relatively little as I play now compared to how I used to, I play more than I should. I play at times I should be doing homework. I think just not having the option to raid, at least for a while, would be beneficial to me, while I would still be able to talk to my friends when I wanted to.

So, what do you guys think? What would some of you guys do in this position?

Also, just a few minutes ago I logged into Flickr and was greeted with this :

After seeing that, I'm not sure that I've got any choice. A higher power wants me to go.
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