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email from my father


Came across this pic of Johnny Depp tonight and first thought was how much he looks like you. If you were to cultivate a little mustache and beard, you two could pass as twins...



He has met me, yeah? Also, why is he looking up pictures of Johnny Depp?

A couple of weeks ago, a customer at work, this crazy, creepy old woman Katrina nicknamed the crypt keeper, who happens to be in love with me for some reason even though she originally hated me for another unknown reason, came up to the counter and asked for me. She asked for me only after peeking her head through the window, spotting me, then ducking back out after I saw her, then doing this two more times. Finally she came up to the counter and asked Katrina if she could "borrow me" for a moment. When I limped up to the counter due to my freshly broken toe, she pulled out a neatly folded page from a magazine with a picture of Hugh Laurie from House, and proceeded to tell me that I looked exactly like him, and that I had the personality to match. That was the kick in the nuts, the personality part, especially since everybody that I've told this story to has said something along the lines of, "well, you don't look like him...." Even my parents!

All my life I've been told I looked like somebody I don't, usually repeatedly, though lately it's just been isolated incidents. I guess I've had the good fortune of being told that I look like relatively good looking guys, but it's just been pretty odd. Now my dad says I look like Johnny Depp's twin, last week it was Hugh Laurie. From about 17-25 it was Kevin Bacon, with an occasional David Bowie (?!) thrown in. As a kid it was Maccauly Culkin, though that one was pretty spot on, but a blond kids that age looked like him so that's really nothing special. I'm curious who I'll look like next year.


I saw the guidance counselor yesterday to finalize my school schedule until I graduate. I'd lost track of how many general education requirements I had left, I'd just been focusing on the architecture classes, so I was happy to see that, assuming I do well the next two semesters, I'll be graduating in the spring. I'll be getting my ass kicked during those two semesters, but I'll finally be fucking done with something. Of course I still have to worry about applying to actual architecture schools, and getting accepted, and then more school, and then jobs, and etc etc, but to actually finish something as big as this will be a very big deal for me. Just to hear the counselor tell me when and how to apply for graduation felt fantastic, I've never had to think about anything like that before.

It's coming soon!

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