we demand to be taken seriously (tooblekane) wrote,
we demand to be taken seriously

does anybody use livejournal any more? or is it just me and my friends that have pretty much abandoned it and moved on to facebook and twitter and *shudder* myspace? if you've moved on to myspace you're no friend of mine, but i'm just curious because my friends page has been ridiculously quiet for a long time now, and i've certainly not been posting anything. yet i post all the time on facebook, though the posts are in short one to four sentence status update bursts, and i rarely post notes as journal updates. i mostly just follow people on twitter, i don't post on there, but the posts are generally even shorter .. sometimes not even complete sentences.

the average to above average lj post was long, though out, funny, or dramatic depending on the topic at hand. it typically included pictures, polls, links and videos, all nicely brought together by the carefully planned layout of your page, which you spent hours upon hours creating, because goddammit that was important. it could be cross posted in any number of communities where it could be dissected by complete strangers, ready to become new friends.

now, while the media aspects of a post on facebook and twitter still remain intact, the personality and care and actual thought tend to fly out the window. long pages of meaningful text get replaced with "< name > just got fuckin dumped". and then 3 people will probably click that they "LIKE" the post. twitter is even worse. i've been using it for a little while now and i still haven't been able to come past the conclusion that it's simply entertainment, it's not actually useful. i can't believe places like cnn picked up on it. people twittering during senate meetings? ridiculous.

i don't really know what the hell the point of this was, i'm not really condemning either. i check facebook constantly throughout the day, and a twitter update app is on my hompepage. i check livejournal maybe once a week. i guess i just wanted to write more than "doesn't understand what happened to livejournal"
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