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9 Jan 2009 | 9:58pm
So .. oops.

It's actually more my dog's fault than mine ... I was taking him out before I went to work, and he got out the patio door then decided to come back inside for no good god damn reason, while I was still walking forward. So he stopped and turned around, I wound up accidentally kicking him because I wasn't expecting him to be there any more, tripped, and went eye first into the corner of my patio door. I didn't get stitches, though it's deep enough that maybe I should have. I'll see how it looks tomorrow, when it's probably too late to get them. We'll see.

Also, picture #1 is the best picture of me EVER.

At least I'll have a cool scar. Cause I don't have enough of those.
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3 Jan 2009 | 9:22pm
mood  :  pleased

Forget the fact that this is A) Sleepless in Seattle, and B) Rosie O'Donnel. This is HDTV over the air, from a $10 Radio Shack antenna, I don't have cable. I can't believe the picture looks this good just from rabbit ears. Also, Rosie O'Donnel should not be in HD.

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2 Jan 2009 | 9:16pm
"Oh, and if you need condoms I've got some."
"Did your wife give them to you?"
"Drug rep. They've got antibiotics built in .. somehow."

I finally caved and started watching House. It's damn addicting, even though every episode is more or less the same : Patient is admitted and somebody brings the case to House, he initially refuses but one random tidbit of information that nobody else cares about gets his attention. They bicker for 30 minutes about what the problem is, typically almost kill the patient once or twice as a result of the wrong diagnosis, and then at about the 35 minute mark figure out what the problem is and all ends more or less well. Spice it up with other patients in the clinic that shove mp3 players in their asses or have sleep-sex, and you've got 42 minutes of awesome.

22 Dec 2008 | 1:13am
i'm flying out to california in the morning, so i'll be gone for a week or so. everybody have a merry christmas and all that, be well and take care. i'm still not really over my fear of people getting sick or dead at christmas, so everybody please be careful and be safe.

i miss my dog, and i just dropped him off a couple of hours ago :( i keep looking at the couch expecting to see him curled up, but he's not there.

13 Dec 2008 | 12:38am
mood  :  accomplished

So I went online the other day to see if my final grade for Design had been posted yet, and while doing so I noticed that the Calculus class that I dropped about a month into the semester because I didn't have time for it, was still showing me as enrolled. Which meant that I missed the final. So I emailed the teacher, subject : soooo .. fuck .. and explained the situation to him. He apologized, even though it wasn't the slightest bit his fault, and told me to come in during one of his other exams and take it then. So I've basically had about a day to learn an entire semester of Calculus.

I took it tonight after work, and after question 2 it stopped being familiar. But this is the same teacher I've had the last two semesters, so he's always more than willing to give me hints and walk me through problems if I need help, and he understood that I did. A few problems he was even like, "That's a word problem, and it's long and complicated. Just skip it." So I finally finish, after about 2 hours which is the longest I've ever taken on a test, and I hand it in and he looks over and talks to me a little, and the rest of the conversation goes like this :

Him : So what grade do you need in this class?
Me : Um .. What? I mean I guess I sign up for classes hoping for an A?
Him : Congratulations, you got an A! Merry Christmas!
Me : Wait .. What?
Him : Valencia fucked you over by not dropping you, so we're gonna fuck em right back.
Me : .. Um .. okay?

He said this in front of about a dozen other people who were taking their tests the real way, who have been working hard all semester and studying hard for the final. Me? I did *nothing* in this class, I never even took a regular test .. and I get an automatic A? I mean I didn't want to argue with him about it, but I feel sort of bad about it. When I mailed him, all I really wanted was for him to withdraw me so it didn't nuke my GPA. I wasn't asking for a handout.

But I'm also not going to refuse one.

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9 Dec 2008 | 2:52am
mood  :  exhausted

Design class is done! Here's a few pictures of the final project that was due tonight.

Such a huge mess in my apartment this semester. I can't wait until I actually have the free time to clean, which is just sad.

The original process model on the left, and the result from things I learned while building that on the right. The wooden parts are additions we just did between the last class and today, and kinda strange but overall I guess it came out okay.


And of the hair, I like it long. I want to trim the back up a little bit while the rest grows out more to match, but overall I like it so far.

Not my best picture, obviously, and somehow the hair in the back managed to hide itself but I'm too lazy to take and upload another one so use your fucking imagination. Yes I look retarded when I don't shave, I'm aware, but I'm fucking tired and lazy so shush.

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4 Dec 2008 | 12:42am

6 Nov 2008 | 1:20am
While I'm not sure that live election coverage was the best time to whip it out, CNN's holographic reporter thingie was bad fucking ass. Granted they had more eyes on the network than probably any other time this year, but it really seems much more appropriate during some sort of technology related story. A space shuttle launch, or new information about a manned mission to mars, or a NASA anniversary or some sort. Hell, JFK was killed on November 22nd (and I just so happened to have this song coming up soon on my playlist) and he was a huge supporter of technology and space travel, this goes perfectly with some sort of story about that, and that's just another couple of weeks.

5 Nov 2008 | 10:56am
My current project, an Axonometric perspective drawing of my project. It'll evolve a little bit both in content and quality by the time we do the final drawings, but this is step 1. We actually have a little bit more due today, but it's not very cool looking and sort of confusing so I'm not going to bother posting pictures of that.


20 Oct 2008 | 8:28pm

There's still way too much empty space, and a lot of it is too solid. It's supposed to be 50/50 between tectonic and stereotomic, meaning like flat planes and sticks (tectonic), and solid pieces (stereotomic). Tonight and tomorrow night are going to be long, but I think it will be worth it.

PS - I couldn't get the model to stand up right. The one side with a lot built up on it is quite a bit heavier than the other side so it kept tipping over. I needed a quick solution so it'd stand up during class. What'd I do? I hid $1.75 in change inside the small box in the third picture. I think she heard a rattle because she shot this sarcastic like "are you serious?" look while she was playing with it and turning it around, but she didn't seem to care otherwise.

old icons! 20 Oct 2008 | 1:24am
it's been a while since i've posted any really stupid, embarassing pictures of myself

i'm liking the long hair. and the head rush.
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15 Oct 2008 | 8:58pm
Holy hell I'm tired. I've been growing increasingly upset with my design class, in the amount of time and detail I have to put into these drawings and models, and in her frustration with me (and all of us) when it's not as much as she was expecting. So last week we had this drawing based on 2 of the previous models that we've built, where we had to draw them in like floorplans but overlaid on top of each other .. but then take that further and do things like extend surfaces and lines and such to create more visual space in the drawing. I addressed a question about this with her because this drawing was representing 3d physical models, and these things that she wanted us to draw weren't physically possible to build. She said to ignore that and just focus on the 2d drawing, put the models in the back of my mind for now.

So I do that, and the drawings come out fine. But then she gives us our next assignment, which is .. wait for it .. build our drawings. Out of wood, this time, not cardboard.


So this is the drawing that I did, and the next step she assigned us was to take it to a copy machine and reduce it by 50%

So the next project is to take those drawings, build them, and intersect them in the shape of a cross. This was assigned on monday, due today. It didn't have to be 100% complete, but the full dimensions had to be present, enough to inform her of what the general shape and placement of things would be. And the joint where the two pieces met had to be fully constructed.

So I really got started on it last night after work, so about 8pm. Cathee came over to help out after she got off of work at about 10pm, and she stayed until about 4am. I kept working until about 7, then called it a night. I wound up waking up before my other classes and doing a little bit more, but I was working for about 13 hours myself, plus Cathee's 6. That's a ridiculous amount of time to put into something when you've only got a total of 48 hours to do it.

But anyway, This is what I turned in tonight.

And she liked it! Out of 22 people that were in class today, only 4 were at the level of completeness as mine, as what she was expecting when she assigned it, and she was actually kind of pissed about that. She asked me to stand up and talk about mine, and kept pointing it out when talking about certain ideas or examples. I was quite pleased.

Of course, it's not done. That was step 1, and the full final complete model is due next wednesday. This weekend is going to suck ass, because I've got just a ton of work to do to finish it up. But I'm actually sort of happy with the way it looks now, and think I might like it when it's finished, as opposed to my other shittier models. We'll see, I've still got plenty of time to fuck it up.


Other random pictures

I had to play with it in Photoshop to get it to show up right, but I really liked the shadows the clouds were forming. I wish I could've gotten a better picture of it, it looked rather cool in person.

Playing with the macro focus again. I took this after this little dude was resting after actually being bitten by Jude. He snapped at it and managed to catch him, but he got away and then passed out on top of the cooler.

I was trying ot be sneaky and take a picture of him without him realizing it, but even when he's fast asleep he wakes up just from hearing the lens extending when I turn the camera on. Also, I love my 2 paintings by Biff from Back to the Future, this one is of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots.

So, as actually decent as I'm feeling right now after class, despite being really tired and not looking forward to finishing this model .. I'm suddenly in a shit mood. Why? I get home and grab my mail to get my newest Netflix shipment and find not only those, but a big orange and white envelope labeled JURY SUMMONS - DO NOT DISCARD.


13 Oct 2008 | 10:09pm
I really am quite fond of my new desktop setup.

Other things of note.

The new Oasis cd is rather good. It sounds different than their previous albums, in a good way.

I finally got around to watching Lucky Number Slevin. It was alright. It thought it was a lot more clever and stylish than it really was, but not so much that it got tedious. Lucy Liu is always hot, but she was fucking amazingly cute in it, so that helped a bit. Not a bad movie at all, certainly enjoyable, but I think it would've been better if they calmed down with the flashy camera tricks and had just focused on making a straight up crime movie. Keep it funny, sure, don't change any of that .. just calm the fuck down.

13 Oct 2008 | 12:01am
I was just walking Jude a little bit ago, and he was doing his normal retarded routine to avoid actually taking a shit. He'll sit by the door and whine and whine and whine about every 6 hours or so, but once we go out he's like "Gotta shit gotta shit gotta sh--A LIZARD! GET THE FUCKIN LIZA--TREE! PEE ON THE TREE! OH YOU FUCKIN TREE TAKE THA--BLACK GIRL ON THE SIDEWALK! NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! I'M ABOUT TO BARK AT YO--DID SOMETHING JUST MOVE BESIDE ME? I'D BETTER JUMP AT IT JUST INCASE! HOWS THAT BLACK GIRL DOING? HAVE I PEED OVER THERE YET? I THINK NOT SIR!" and so on. So he trots around and comes to this spot where after 3 years they filled in this bigass hole in the grass that he's fallen in a few times, and it's all nice newly laid down dirt and it's all smooth and stuff .. so he immediately starts pawing at it and tearing it the fuck up, and like throwing his nose down in it as he's pawing at it, then he just gets bored and walks away. So he comes to some bushes and tries to go under them, and winds up getting his head stuck in them. He's all completely tangled up around his neck, all loose though so it's not like he was going to choke, and I'm laughing at him as he starts freaking out trying to back up and twist out of it and trying to paw at it, and he's turning around in circles and rolling around and like trying to flip. And suddenly he stops, and turns around and looks up at me with this sad, pathetic look on his face like he's saying, "....why?" And I just lost it, I started laughing at him so hard.

I love my little fucking retard.
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6 Oct 2008 | 5:38pm
went home for the weekend, saw my brother and his new girlfriend. she seemed cool, and she seems more into him than he is into her, which made me sort of sad. but maybe he was just nervous around us, i don't know. he was sick for a lot of it, and apparently actually went to the emergency room this morning, but is doing better today according to my dad. bad stomach bug or something, i'm not quite sure yet. but after thinking that all weekend, they were supposed to fly back today and of course he wasn't going anywhere but she flew out without him. they both work for the dea so i imagine she probably has work to attend to, but so does he .. i dunno i think i'd stay with my girlfriend if she got sick away from home. sure he's with family, but if you're flying across the country to meet that family, you're something important in their life and they'd probably like you around. again, i don't know if that's fair or not, perhaps there was something she absolutely had to go home for .. but it seemed kinda lame.


I toyed around with this first one in Photoshop a little bit, I really like this effect

Jason and Aila, playing with some of Jude's toys

Our seats, not that amazing of a view.

But zoomed in, the view's a little better

The halftime show was pretty cool

Playing with the zoom some more

This dude was screaming *NON STOP* the entire game. It was more impressive than annoying, mostly because when he wasn't standing on the railing he was a good 10 rows back. But god damn the dude has some lungs on him.


Yeah, flag on that play.

On the way out


Quote of the day goes to my father. I assumed he'd never seen Dark City, so I handed him the new DVD I just picked up and and he said, "What is this, some sort of Steven Segal kind of deal?"


PS - Download this CD. The guy's voice is weird so I didn't like it much at first, but it's actually quite good.
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3 Oct 2008 | 12:52am
I haven't actually made up my mind if I am going to vote or not. If I do, it'll be for Obama, but I'm not terribly enthused to do so. I don't dislike the guy, I just don't follow politics enough to know enough about him to really make up my mind. I like hearing him talk more than McCain, and Palin scares the shit out of me. Just from the way the two of them speak, I feel like I can trust what Obama says more than McCain. I realize that's bullshit, the man is running for President. No normal person like you or I will ever know most of what actually goes on in this country. People far more important than you or I will never know these things. And I'm willing to accept that for the most part, that's probably a good thing. I don't need to know these things, and most people are probably better off not knowing. That's fine, I can accept that. But it still means that part of a President's job is to be good at lying. I feel that's something Bush is very bad at. The man could tell me that the sky is blue, and while I may not think that he's lying to me, I'd question his motives in telling me so. I don't feel like Obama is lying to me like I do McCain. Again, he is, I know that, but from the way he speaks, I can ignore it and put faith in the man. It's sort of sad for me that my political opinion boils down to who is a better speaker. If I thought a write in vote for Jon Stewart would amount to anything, I'd toss that bitch in the box.

I'm also leaning to Obama primarily because I think whichever of the two becomes President, will be dead before the first term is finished. McCain because he's old and feeble, and Obama because he's a black man with a muslim name and heritage. I'm aware of the fact that he himself is Christian, but a lot of people don't seem to be. To a large amount of unhinged people, he's a black muslim running for President in America. Somebody, somewhere, is going to take offense to that for any number of reasons, and take a shot at that man. I hope the secret service is ready, it's going to be a rough 4 years.

Incase any of you are particularly political, I don't need the speach about how important me voting is. I've heard it, I understand it, I just disagree with it. If millions of kids like me all get lazy and apathetic and don't vote for Obama, then yes I could see that being an issue. The problem with that argument though, is that I am not millions of people. I do not know millions of people, and I do not have sway over the actions of millions of people. If millions of people do not vote, my vote will not make a difference. Nobody is Kevin Costner from whatever that movie was, it has not and will not come down to a single vote. And if it were to come down to me, I'd flee to Canada. I don't need or want that kind of attention and pressure.

1 Oct 2008 | 10:54pm
mood  :  bored

I've said it before, and I'm saying it again now .. I absolutely love my new camera. I was bored just now and decided to play around with the macro focus some. I'll preface this with saying that I have long hair, and thus oily skin, and I haven't showered today, so thus oily skin, so just ignore that.



My design homework 1 Oct 2008 | 11:38am

This is the first project we had, it's a tectonic cube. It's a cube shape made out of a limited amount of planes and sticks. It stands on all sides, or it did .. it's gotten a bit bent in the car.

A stereotomic cube. This one is supposed to look like it was one solid piece and it had been carved away from. I never finished it, hence all the tape and thin sides.

A combination of the two cubes, tectonic on one side, stereotomic on the other, with a transition inbetween. It, again, got bent in the car and in the heat so it looks even more like ass now .. but it never looked very good to begin with. It's not finished, but we're going to go back to it later on.

The ones that I spent all night working on a couple days ago. They're supposed to illustrate one design vocabulary term, the one on the left is interlock and the one on the right is shear. These are the best looking that I've done, but they're still sloppy.

And now we've got to do like floorplans of the models we're still working on. I hate tracing paper, I keep tearing it.

This class is the reason I've pulled 6 all nighters so far this semester. None of these are terribly technical or difficult, they're just ridiculously time consuming, and I'm sloppy. There are a few people who come in every day with these beautiful perfectly crafted models. They may not be exactly what the assignment was, sometimes they're downright bad, but they look absolutely amazing. And every day I ask them how long they spent on them, and it's always like 20-30 hours on a fucking cardboard model. I can't, and won't, spend that much time doing homework .. the 12 or so I'm already putting in to each of these is already too much. My straight lines bend, my corners aren't always right angles, my edges aren't always clean .. but I get it done, usually. I just don't get to sleep or play games or do anything fun when I've got a model due. I fucking hate this class.

Just cause.

QOTD 1 Oct 2008 | 1:41am
"i would rather have my testicles pulled wafer thin and sort of pasted with honey and then have wasps unleashed at my own genitals and then have the resulting stings be covered in vinegar and sort of be worn as a swimming cap by a nazi."
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26 Sep 2008 | 10:31pm
Best. Potatoes. Ever.

Ingredients :

8 - 10 red potatoes with skins
Diced onion
Diced bell peppers
Diced cherry tomatos
Garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon butter
Fresh mint and cilantro (or other herbs of preference)
1 bottle of beer

-Boil red potatoes whole for 15 - 20 minutes
-Remove from water and let cool for about 5 minutes
-Cut potatoes into small-ish chunks, maybe 8-10 per potato
-Heat butter over medium heat in skillet
-Add potatoes and cook covered for about 15 minutes
-Add onions, peppers, tomatos. garlic powder.salt and papper. and about 1/3 bottle of beer
-Continue cooking and stirring potatoes until they are golden brown, adding more beer as it boils away
-Garnish with mint and cilantro

Tomorrow night I make a green thai curry with chicken!
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