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New Apartment

So I've been here a month and I've just now gotten around to taking pictures. My battery was dying so I just used the automatic setting and they look like ass, so I'll take some better ones later once I've actually finished putting things away and all that, but here are some for now anyway.

I really need to clean up the cables behind the desk. I think I'm going to hang curtains so I can light in without letting people see all the expensive electronics right in front of the window.

Jude's chilling in his usual spot. I actually framed some of my favorite pictures and hung them up, I think I'll continue to do so around the place. This, this, and this are the pictures that are hanging up.

Kevin's painting of Ross, proudly displayed. There's also a design project hanging in the hallway because I needed to take a picture of it for class and it was one of the more open spots with good lighting.

Link still protects me. I need something to put on the wall by my bed, but I don't know what yet.

I've got a bit of a laundry backlog, that's a work in progress. Also I currently have no shelving except for in my closet which is filling up fast, so my design projects are quickly cluttering up everywhere else. I think I may get some cheap shelving from IKEA some time soon and just line my room with them.

My desk, current projects taped to the wall and on the desk. Old projects in the box beside it.

Another shot of the current drawing I've been working on. It's all one house, I just drew each floor in it's own layer because it gets really complicated and cluttered when it's all on one sheet. It's a pain in the ass and sorta looks like ass now, but the final version will hopefully look better. It had better, since each layer has to be on Vellum, which costs about $6 a sheet.

The little bench looking thing is actually a trash can. They come by every morning and pick up my trash for me! It's such a small thing but I love it, it's so awesome that they do that. I need to take the big stuff out to the dumpster myself, and it's far away which is why the boxes are still there, but for general stuff it's great. I also need to buy a couple of chairs to keep out there, that'll be soon.

My view outside. You can't see the spotlights from Universal in this picture, but they're there in the background. Just to the left are tennis courts, in the distance is a playground and volleyball court, and just behind the building to the right are basketball courts.

Also, I just got a new phone.

Mirror finish!

Preeeety. I love this phone so far, but I'm still getting used to it.

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