we demand to be taken seriously (tooblekane) wrote,
we demand to be taken seriously

i had a dream that i was at a bar with kevin and we ran into charlie sheen and emilio estevez. i always kind of figured that charlie sheen would be kind of a douchebag, and since it was just a dream he still probably is, but in the dream he was a cool guy. we kept talking about movies he'd done and how he always got such a bad rap with press and bad reviews and just never really got credit when credit was due, and he took me making fun of him in stride. i told him he should hook up with apatow and that bunch, or neil patrick harris, maybe play a sleazy mentor. i told him that i hadn't seen his tv show because i don't watch many comedies, and then was like "shit, it is still on, right? awkward." he said he was too old to break into a new crowd or to start doing something new like internet videos, and i told him that adam sandler and eric bana are about the same age and their both doing funny people with judd apatow and seth rogen so he's got no excuse. and even though eric bana started as a comedian in australia he's not known for it here, and charlie sheen's done pretty well in comedy here. i told him every 13 year old in the 90s liked hot shots, the first one anyway. the second one, what the fuck was up with that? and i told him that the one internet video i saw him do also had his dad in it so it didn't count as being cool. i asked him if he was married to denise richards when she got the james bond job, and if so, if she came home that day and said she was going to play a rocket scientist and if he decided it'd be worth it to give up pussy that night and laugh in her face.

then after talking about him for a while i turned to his brother emilio and said, "so where the fuck have YOU been?" i said, "i saw bobby .. or rather, i saw bobby at best buy, i didn't see the movie. my dad said it was alright. and i saw you get your face smashed in mission impossible, but other than that, what the hell man." i always liked him, he did some good shit in the 80s and 90s, mostly the mighty ducks movies with pacey, but then he just went away. he didn't have any dream answers for me, he was quiet.
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